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Book Exclusive Vacations with ANA Airlines at Wizfair Travel

Famous as ANA, All Nippon Airways takes passengers to almost 53 domestic destinations in Japan. A whopping number of ANA Airlines flights also operate to over 100 destinations in Asia, Europe, Oceania, and North America. Needless to say, the airline has a strong global footprint.

The airline is based at Tokyo Narita International Airport (NRT) and Haneda Airport (HND) and belongs to Star Alliance. ANA was awarded a second rank for its in-flight services by AB-Road Research Center of Japan in a 2019 Airline Satisfaction Survey. 

Wizfair Travel can let you know more about this much-acclaimed airline and also help you make your travel convenient and comfortable. Let’s find out how you can get the maximum rewards while planning your ANA Airlines booking with Wizfair Travel.

Experience the Ultimate Joy of Air Travel with Wizfair

Is your little heart waiting to flutter while admiring a scenic backdrop at your favorite destination? If your destination includes an Authentic Japanese escape, nothing can beat the class of ANA airlines. With our ultimate deals and discounts at Wizfair Travel, you can make sure your experience is worthwhile. But before that, study ANA airlines in detail.

ANA Airlines Fare Options

If you are flying with ANA Airways, know the fare options and different airline services that are available with each ticket purchase in a particular booking. 

Fare Families

ANA Airlines has some specific fare families, and if you wish to manage your flights, you must know the rules associated with each of the fare options. Suppose you want to change a flight or cancel it for a refund; you should know whether your current fare allows that option or not.



Super Value

Flex Special/Flex Special Plus

Flex/Flex Plus

Full Flex/Full Flex Plus

Class of Service


Economy, Premium Economy, Business 

Economy, Premium Economy, Business, First 


Not Permitted



Not Permitted

Permitted with Fee


Advance Seat Selection

Not Permitted

Permitted, but a fee might apply in some cases

Seat Upgrade Eligibility

For a charge

For a charge or free depends




Travel Classes

Each ANA Airways travel class has exceptional services available depending on the customer’s requirements. The budget of a passenger makes him decide which fare to choose, and ANA makes sure to offer most of the services at that price. Here is a simple explanation of how each travel class, Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and First on ANA, have different services for passengers



Premium Economy



ANA Suite check-in (Tokyo Narita)



Priority check-in



Priority boarding 

And disembarking

Priority baggage claim on arrival



Fully flat seats


Extra seat width and legroom only


Privacy Doors



In-flight entertainment


Yes, personal touchscreen monitors on some planes

Wide Screen LCD monitors

Storage options

For carry-on and checked bags only

For carry-on and checked bags only

Storage Closets


Paid in-flight meals

Paid service inflight

Pre-order (Prime selection of wines, snacks & drinks for First & business customers)

Hold Fare

Yes, up to 72 hours with Keep My Fare

Lounge Access

As per rules

Free on select airports

Free on ANA and ANA-affiliated lounges


Paid on most flights

Amenity Kits

Pillow and blanket

Slippers, pillow & blanket, shoehorn, toothbrush set, pocket tissues, earplugs & eye mask

In-flight sales


Laptop battery rental


Yes, no in-seat power is available in Business Class

Postcard, memo pads, and ballpoint pens



ANA Airlines Baggage Options

Once you are familiar with the travel options, the next comes baggage. Every passenger should understand how much baggage he can take onboard to avoid any last-minute hassles. Like all other airlines, ANA also permits customers to bring carry-on and checked baggage on the plane. However, the total baggage allowance depends on the customer’s travel class. Let’s find out the details:

Carry-on Baggage

Each ANA Airlines customer can bring one carry-on bag and a personal item while they book their flights in any class. The airline does not increase this limit for Star Alliance Gold Members. Here are the details below:



Linear Dimensions

Each Side dimensions

Size Limit for Japan Domestic Flights

39 in. 

18 x 14 x 8 in.

Size Limit for Other Flights

45 in.

22 x 16 x 10 in.

Weight Limit

22 lbs

Based on the storage space size and design of the aircraft, some carry-on items can not be accepted even after they meet weight and size restrictions. 

Checked Baggage

ANA Airways checked baggage allowance depends on several factors, including weight limit, size limit, and number of pieces as per individual travel class. Here are the details


Boarding Class

Number of Bags

Weight Limit


3 per person

70 lbs./32 kg per piece


2 per person

70 lbs./32 kg per piece

Premium Economy and Economy 

2 per person

50 lbs./23 kg per piece

Size Limit

Business, First, Economy & Premium Economy

62 Linear Inches

One must check-in their bags at the ANA Airlines check-in counters, and the rules for luggage will apply to all customers. You can also check bags at a self-service machine at the airport and review the check-in deadlines for more detailed information.

You can rest assured that your flights booked with Wizfair Travel, as we can help you make sure you do not miss out on anything. The overall ANA Airlines services are impeccable and a lot more than those mentioned above. Wizfair Travel promises to deliver what you seek in a well-planned itinerary. So, hurry up and book with us today!

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