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Having a remarkable trip to your favorite location is like a dream come true. After a long and tiring year, an authentic European air travel journey is what lifts up the whole mood. Undoubtedly you’d like to go for it when no other option seems right. Air One was one such airline constantly at the top of the charts among passenger choice airlines. It was a budget airline subsidiary for Alitalia with its hub at the Catania-Fontanarossa Airport.

Flyairone's website was the most popular in its early days. The Italian meaning for Airone means heaven and the airline’s logo is a Heron. Founded in 1983, the airline operated for three whole decades and eventually stopped all of its services in the year 2014. Though the airline ceased operations, you can still use Wizfair Travels to find a flight with Alitalia, the parent company of Air One, because all of its fleets are with them.

Destinations Served by Air One Fleet and routes that are still Active

Air One had many destinations on the list. Most of them were in Europe, but its network was not just limited to the same. The locations where passengers could explore include Athens, Bari, Barcelona, Boston, Bologna, Brussels, Catania, Hamburg, Chicago, Ibiza, Larnaca, Madrid, London, Kiev, Moscow, Milan, etc.

The other routes include Pisa, Pescara, Rome, Stuttgart, Trieste, Palermo, Rome, Trieste, Tunis, Venice, Turin, Vienna, Verona, Zurich, Warsaw, etc.

Revisit the History of Air One with Wizfair Travels

"Air One S.p.A," an Italian in-budget carrier that operated under the name Air One "Smart Carrier," was first established in 1983, i.e., 39 years before this day.

Though it has stopped working for seven years already, there is still a lot you must know about the airline including its merger with Alitalia.

In 2000, Air One Flights became codeshared with Lufthansa as they became partners. The airline also has partnerships with United Mileage Plus and Air Canada Aeroplan.

However, in August 2008, The Group merged Air One with Alitalia as it got bankrupt. They grabbed the chance and tried to save it with this merger. Soon enough, the United Mileage Plus, Lufthansa Miles & More, as well as Air Canada Aeroplan partnerships with Air One, ended.

The last fleet of 10 Air One aircraft were all Airbus A320s with Alitalia. The airline still has some of the planes that operate under Alitalia’s name now.

The evolution of the Air One fleet through time:

  • To replace its leased fleet of Boeing 737-400 aircraft, the airline entered into a contract with Airbus in January 2006 for 30 Airbus A320 aircraft with 60 additional options.
  • The airline increased its commitment to the Airbus A320 to 90 aircraft in May 2007 when it announced the conversion of options and purchase rights for 50 aircraft into firm orders.
  • The airline paid 4.8 billion dollars to Airbus in June 2008 for 24 aircraft. A further 20 aircraft might have been purchased by Air One for $3.8 billion. 12 Airbus A330 and 12 A350 aircraft were part of the order. When Air One stopped operating, the order was passed to Alitalia.

The Closure of Air One

The closure of Air One by its parent business, Alitalia, was announced on August 26, 2014. Some base operations and routes had already been shut down by 30 September, and all remaining routes were discontinued by 30 October 2014. Alitalia and the former Air One fleet have taken over some routes, particularly those within Italy.

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